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My name's Melissa, but I go by Mel. I'm in my twenties. This blog will consist of Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, Glee, Harry Potter, any and all Starkid related things, Doctor Who and so much more. If you want to know more about me, ask me. gif is credited to bandrson on tumblr.


So for my AP United States History class we have to write a research paper; my topic is the gay rights movement in America. Today I began reading one of the books that I chose as a sourceimage

And I opened it up to the dedication page and found this


And if you don’t think that’s one of the sweetest and most romantic things ever then get out of my face

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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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Dear Annette, I don’t know what I could possibly say that would rectify the harm I’ve caused you. The truth of the matter is that being with you was the only time I have ever been happy. My whole life has been a joke. I prided myself on taking joy in others’ misery. Well, it finally backfired. I succeed in hurting the first person I ever loved. Enclosed is my most prized possession. My journal. For a long time I considered it my trophy. A sordid collection of my conquests. If you really want to know the truth then please read it. No more lies. Please give me another chance. I’m a wreck without you.

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